Play Store prepares offers tab for free games

Google Play Store, with the pandemic discounted, free game and apps started to publish new lists every week for free game and application offers are very difficult for users to find themselves. In this sense, Google is redesigning the menu of the application market. Ok but this is new Play Store offers tab What does it offer?

264 TL application and game has been free for a short time!

32 applications, games and icon packs with a total value of 264 Turkish Liras became free in the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store prepares offers tab for free game and app

Judging by the leaks Google Play Store It’s going to be a pretty complex design. The application market, which has been simplified with Material You, will make the sub-menu even more crowded. According to Google discount and free games and apps for offers tab will add.

With this tab that will appear right Play Store users will have easier access to prominent discounts. But even now Play Store There are four tabs in the submenu. According to this new design, with the arrival of the fifth tab, the submenu will be much more complex.

Google Play Store is experimenting with new tabs for discounted game offers

Google Play Store offers tab will be slightly different from the design of other tabs. Accordingly, free and discounted games or applications that stand out in the tab are highlighted with a large cover image. With this new step, Google’s paid mobile games There is also the possibility of organizing much more active campaigns for lately discount and free games and the demand for apps has grown considerably. Google Play Store offers tab seems to be emerging to better meet this demand.

The Google Play Store has finally begun to eliminate the differences between the website and the web application. Moving to a mobile app-like design Play Store online store, will have a very useful design. For now, the trials of the new interface continue. With this interface Play Store discount offers It is a question of whether the section will be added to the site as well.

Although it was the first time that the Google Play Store collected discount campaigns on the tab, it was possible to find these games in the application before. Although it is grueling paid apps We could see discounted applications under it.

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