Plane Crashed on the Street in Bursa! Here are the Images from the Crime Scene

A single-engine training plane crashed into the street in the Osmangazi district of Bursa. While the vehicles on the street were destroyed, the pilots on the plane lost their lives. Here are the details!

Bursa Osmangazi There was an accident that brought hearts to mouths in the district. near the area Yunuseli Airport A training plane flying around crashed into an apartment in the neighborhood due to technical problems. The single-engine trainer aircraft crashed rapidly to the ground.

Falling into the street quickly after hitting the apartment training aircraftcrashing to the ground damaged both cars. cars flame While he was taking it, the whole neighborhood went down to the streets and tried to understand what was going on. While fire brigade, ambulance and police vehicles were transferred to the area, of two pilots It was learned that he died.

plane crash in bursa

Bursa Osmangazi of the district Baglarbasi neighborhood Sarigul street The falling training plane turned two cars in the vicinity into a fireball. It is said that the plane, which damaged two apartments while falling, crashed due to technical problems, and two people on the plane lost their lives. of people who lost their lives Furkan Ökten and Murat AvsaIt was learned that there were pilots named r.

Bursa Governor Yakup CanbolatCivilian training plane crashed. We think it crashed for technical reasons. Two pilots died. No one is hurt. There was damage to 2 houses and 2 vehicles. The plane crashes into parked cars. With the fall, the fire begins. No injuries, according to initial reports while making the statement, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor From Alinur Aktaş clarifications have also been made on the subject.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor: “There is no damage in the neighborhood”

“It’s a single-engine airplane with two people on it. Furkan Okcul and Murat Avsar was in it. Both died. Event 15.06 like it happened. Reported immediately. Ambulance and crews were transferred to the scene several places. Center Osmangazi District Bağlarbaşı Neighborhood. There is a fire outside two buildings. It was intervened immediately. Neighborhood is not a problem. There is damage to 2 vehicles. These are parked vehicles. He was probably trying to land at the airport.”


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