Pay Attention to MAVIA Coin and These 22 Cryptos: They Peaked in 2 Weeks!

The appeal of free cryptocurrency is undeniable, especially when it comes in the form of an airdrop. Airdrops are tokens distributed directly to user wallets. But a recent report by CoinGecko throws cold water on the “get rich quick” fantasy associated with airdrops. Specifically, it reveals that holding these tokens until their peak price comes with a 50% chance of failure. Here is CoinGecko’s interesting data about MAVIA coin and the 22 coins that broke the record after the airdrop…

Airdrop tokens have been on the agenda since 2020

Based on data from 2020, the report paints a nuanced picture of the airdrop landscape. While success stories like the 17-year-old Solana-based boy who turned a JUP airdrop into a million-dollar profit make headlines, the reality is much less predictable. Nearly half of the top 50 tokens airdropped peaked in just two weeks, with many leaving their bags long after the initial excitement.

This underlines how critical a factor timing is. Ethereum Name Service, Blur, and LooksRare, among the leading names in the crypto world, are obvious examples that reached their full potential within the first two weeks of launch. For those who hesitate to sell early, the risk of missing the peak becomes important.

Airdrop data attracted attention: MAVIA coin and these are peaking

The report also highlights the rapid rise of some airdrops. Projects like Sweat and Wen skyrocket to all-time highs within days of deployment. Other airdrop tokens that rose to the top in the first two weeks include Manta Network (MANTA), Anchor Protocol (ANC), and Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA). While these examples demonstrate the potential for explosive earnings, they also underscore the temporary nature of such opportunities.

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However, airdrops are not without their pitfalls. Offloads by participants can severely impact value, as seen when Starknet’s price dropped 60% as airdrop farmers and infrastructure firms sold their tokens. Technical issues further erode trust, such as the Arbitrum airdrop’s request page crashing and triggering sell-offs after users reported problems.

Are airdrops risky?

So, are airdrops a ticket to riches or a risky gamble? As the CoinGecko report points out, the answer is somewhere in between. While some offer the potential for quick profits, success depends on understanding market dynamics, recognizing peak moments, and overcoming technical hurdles. Those looking for guaranteed profits will be better off elsewhere, but for those willing to embrace the gamble, airdrops can be an exciting, if unpredictable, ride in the ever-evolving world of crypto.

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