Panos Panay Resigned from Microsoft

Panos Panay, one of Microsoft’s senior executives, announced that he resigned. Panay did not say anything about the reason for the resignation. Some sources claim that Panay will be transferred to Amazon.

There has been an important development regarding the US-based technology giant Microsoft. For about 20 years Panos Panay, who worked at Microsoft and was perhaps the most important name that helped Microsoft become what it is today, left the company. The reason for this unexpected separation is exactly Unknown. However, there are some notable claims on the subject. If these claims are true, it will be one of the most important agenda items in the coming days. Amazon will be.

He made great contributions especially to the Windows operating system and Microsoft’s Surface computers. Panos Panayannounced the separation in a statement he made on X (formerly known as Twitter). While Panay says that he made such a decision to turn a new page in his life, he seems to be resentful of the company. was not visible. According to Bloomberg, based on sources familiar with the subject, the place where Panay will turn a new page will be Amazon. Allegedly, Panos Panay is the owner of Amazon Alexa and Echo will begin to act as the responsible name of the products.

The parties remain silent

After Panos Panay’s statement in X, Microsoft and Amazon were contacted. However, both companies are concerned about the issue. did not make a statement.


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Panos Panay’s X post was as follows:

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