Paint is here with its new DALL-E artificial intelligence feature

Microsoft said goodbye to some of its old applications after Windows 11. However, it has completely renewed some of its applications, such as Paint. Paint, which has been rumored to be a free rival to Photoshop for a long time, is now here with DALL-E artificial intelligence integration. Here are the new Paint features announced by Mimrosoft…

New Paint features are dazzling! Now the DALL-E AI plugin for Paint

Microsoft, on his official blog Announced that it will bring DALL-E artificial intelligence integration for Paint. As you know, OpenAi recently came out with DALL-E 3, which produces images from artificial intelligence text. It is not yet clear whether Microsoft will base visual creation with text input via Paint on DALL-E 3.

DALL-E 3 has ChatGPT integration and you can get ChatGPT support for inputs. You use this tool, called Paint Cocreator by Microsoft, on Paint. It is also possible to open the images produced by queries made through the application separately with the Paint layers feature.

Paint Cocreator feature

Microsoft also announced that it has taken precautions to prevent inappropriate words from being used in queries made via Paint DALL-E. However, we do not yet know how effective this measure is. The new artificial intelligence Paint Cocreator is only available for Windows 11 Insider users. This new Paint feature will also appear with later updates.

Microsoft has brought artificial intelligence to the fore even more with its newly released Windows 11 23H2 update. Accordingly, with the new Copilot application, we have the opportunity to make artificial intelligence-supported searches and give commands within Windows.

Paint previously appeared with layers that were also found in Photoshop and many drawing programs. Paint, which previously had a background erasing feature with artificial intelligence support, is gradually closing the gap between it and Photoshop.

Of course, there is a long way to go for Paint. With Adobe Photoshop Firefly, it offered the opportunity to complete images, remove backgrounds and produce images with artificial intelligence. It is also likely that Microsoft will offer similar features for Paint.

So, do you think the age-old Paint application can regain its former throne with DALL-E? We are waiting your comments.

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