Our Sports Clubs with Stolen Logos

If you are not a local, you will hear the names of these amateur football clubs for the first time and see their logos for the first time. If you look carefully, you will notice that these evil logos bite your eye from somewhere.

Let’s build an astroturf team we design a more original logo, but some clubs did not care about their logos at all, although they regularly play in the amateur league.

Some are from Turkish teams, some are world-famous from foreign teams They plagiarized the logo and added it to their jerseys without hesitation.

This club, which you may have read as Shreküstü Spor, fortunately did not steal the stars.

Increasing the number of boxes in the ship figure to four would not have even occurred to the devil in the logo.

stolen logos

If only the wolf, who replaced Sporting Lisbon’s lion, was at least a little cool.

stolen logo

The founder of the club must have drawn the logo for his 5-year-old nephew.


Photoshop information must not have been enough, they wrote the year below and passed.


KSK, it’s KZK! They did not want to give up on green and white because it is a Bursa club, but at least they should have been inspired by Bursaspor, not an İzmir team.


This team, which has the name of the bad-sounding pop singer, “Can you be without a crown?” He also felt the need to add a crown icon.


Making the Eiffel Tower look like the “A” of Altınova and putting it in the logo is an example of absurdity that can only be seen in our country.


Instead of Liverpool’s bird, Sporting Lisbon’s lion, and instead of torches, the Turkish flag… This is Elon Musk!


Brighton in the English Premier League is a coastal city team. Darica is a coastal city connected to Kocaeli. You are looking at the masterpiece of a person who gets the first logo that comes across as a result of searching with English keywords.

stolen logo

We have a team that closely follows the Spanish La Liga team Osasuna, which we know with its boring matches: Sultangazi SK.


Since the symbol of the Portuguese team Benfica is the “eagle”, Pazarcık got cooked with Kartalkaya Spor. When they said they needed a logo and typed “Eagle logo” on Google, they obviously bought the first design that came out.


Kahramanmaraş team Afşin Belediyespor stole the font of another Mediterranean team Antalyaspor, but they could not fit the minaret into its cover.


They stole the logo of the Greek team Panathinaikos and increased the number of leaves of the clover to four for luck, but considering that they are still in amateurs, it cannot be said to bring much luck.

football stolen logo

Mecidiyeköy Tayfunspor Club has gone beyond copying. They didn’t use the “M” of Mecidiyeköy to make it evoke the Turkish Armed Forces.

besiktas logo

A logo made when they’re high: plagiarizing a logo from another football club is no surprise, but plagiarizing a famous beer brand’s logo is on another level.

beer logo

Not one, but three clubs snatched Fenerbahçe’s logo. Fatsa at least made itself known by adding another plant, the hazelnut.

fenerbahce logo

This logo served as a template and went on a tour in Anatolia. It’s a mystery who stole from whom.

similar logos

The teams, which would not be able to score even a single goal against Barça if we collected five of them, carefully displayed their imitation skills.

same logos


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