OPPO Introduced its Smart Glasses called “Air Glass 3 XR”

OPPO introduced its smart glasses, which are still under development. The glasses, called “OPPO Air Glass 3 XR”, attract attention with their artificial intelligence support.

Mobile World Congress, which started yesterday (MWC 2024) events host brand new products of technology giants. In this context; One of the companies that took the stage at the event was the Chinese technology company OPPO. Company, “Air Glass 3He introduced his new smart glasses called “”. Supported by artificial intelligence technologies, the glasses seem to attract attention if they go into mass production.

Air Glass 3 50 grams A product that weighs Air Glass 3 1,000 nits It can create bright images. According to the company, ultra-quality glasses will enable the device to offer the highest performance in its field.

This is what OPPO Air Glass 3 XR looks like

Smart glasses, OPPO AndesGPT It supports its artificial intelligence-supported assistant, which it calls. The integration system installed through OPPO phones enables smart glasses to use features such as music, voice search, information display and image scanning. With four microphones Equipped with Air Glass 3 XR, it also hosts a speaker that offers high quality sound output. In addition, these glasses also provide touch control support.

OPPO smart glasses

OPPO’s smart glasses do not currently have a release date and sales price. doesn’t have. In fact, it is not even clear whether this product will go into mass production. However, the company stated that it continues to work in this field. In a few years, if not now, OPPO Air Glass 3 a real product We can see it becoming.

OPPO smart glasses

What we can say about OPPO’s smart glasses that’s all for now. If there is a new development regarding the issue, we will inform you again.


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