Only the phone-thick PlayStation 5 Slim impressed

We’ve seen players who break up PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and use them in different designs many times before. Own PlayStation 5 Slim A YouTuber who created the version managed to go viral on social media. Just 2 centimeters thick The next-generation console, which is also to liquid cooling gives place.

PlayStation 5 Slim with 2 cm thickness and liquid cooling

Many users complained about the appearance of the PlayStation 5, asking for a more compact and slimmer device. Sony, on the other hand, said that it designed the new console in this way for the cooling system to be successful. But a YouTuber acted faster than the Japanese company PS5’s Slim version of designed it.

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The DIY video posted on YouTube channel DIY Perks provides a glimpse of what the possible PlayStation 5 Slim will look like. YouTuber, who managed to fit all the components of the new generation console in a box with a height of only 2 centimeters, also completely changed the cooling system.

According to the video, the liquid cooling system had to be used for the PS5 Slim. It therefore bypassed almost all of the original cooling system and replaced the new one with a large external source. water based system commissioned.

Standard PS5’s 10.4 cm The owner of the video, who states that it is thick, and his own PS5 Slim version is exactly to 2.06 cm managed to download. This shows that there has been an almost 5-fold thinning.

The DIY Perks video also shows that the power supply has changed. Since Sony combined the PSU with the console’s motherboard, it increased the thickness considerably. If he is a YouTuber an external power supply hooked it up and didn’t use the original PSU.

It should not be ignored that the water-cooled PS5 reaches much warmer values ​​than the original design. But according to the video, Horizon Forbidden West It’s amazing that it can handle even a tough game like this.

We don’t know if Sony will be offering the Slim version anytime soon. But even if the PS5 Slim is released, it will likely need a reduction in energy consumption and naturally a change in cooling.

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