NVIDIA’s 2nd Creative Contest Winner Announced

NVIDIA announced the winner of the second nCreative design competition.

The second act of the nCreative competition, where NVIDIA regularly brings together digital artists and distributes big prizes, has come to an end. Total across Turkey 106 artists participated 3D works appeared in the competition.

The winner of the competition, which was organized with the theme of “Dream Space” and where 3D works were produced, was announced today. GeForce RTX graphics card from NVIDIA ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo Studio Notebook chance to win participant, Batuhan Koksal it happened. The finalists of the competition were awarded with the NVIDIA Creators kit.

NVIDIA nCreative competition finalists and winners:

In the live broadcast held at NVIDIA Studio Creative Weekend, which brought together 3D enthusiasts, the works participating in the competition were evaluated by jury members who are competent in their respective fields.

The jury members of the competition, with their digital art works, are closely branded by international contemporary art organizers and curators. Murat Yildirim (Muartive), as Creative Cinematographer, has achieved success in many fields such as editorial, advertising, cinema and magazines. Koray Birand and has been producing technology-oriented content professionally since the early 2000s, producing industry analyzes, product reviews, technological developments and content with the sociological context of these developments on his own YouTube channel. Mesut Cevik it happened.

All works featured in the competition:

What is NVIDIA Studio Platform?

Adding new values ​​to art in Turkey and around the world, NVIDIA Studio Platform provides the best performance and reliability to artists, creators and 3D developers while working with creative applications. It provides users with high performance in creative fields such as 3D, rendering, video editing, motion graphics, photography, graphic design, architectural visualization and publishing. With NVIDIA’s industry-leading GPUs and Studio Drivers, creative applications evolve and accelerate with an inspiring level of performance and capability.

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