Nvidia is getting into the farming business! Here is the electric autonomous tractor

Nvidia and a tractor manufacturer, the world’s first electric autonomous tractor was produced. smart agricultural products company Monarch Tractorstated that the first artificial intelligence supported tractor called MK-V was taken off the line.

Nvidia Jetson AI will provide artificial intelligence support to this tractor

The new autonomous MK-V named smart tractor to perform agricultural tasks. Nvidia Jetson AI using the platform. This tool, which is the fruit of a two-year development process; It brings together electrification, automation and data analysis.

MK-V, which is believed to play an active role in reducing the carbon footprint of farmers and agriculture, is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson artificial intelligence platform. The MK-V tractors, which the company put into mass production and produced, were delivered to Constellation Brands.

NVIDIA fixes the annoying black screen issue!

NVIDIA fixes the annoying black screen issue!

NVIDIA RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards are facing an issue that causes a black screen to appear on boot in some cases.

“The tractor collects and analyzes crop data daily and can process data from current and next-generation equipment equipped with sensors and imaging. “This data can be used for real-time equipment adjustments, long-term yield estimates, current growth stages, and other measures of plant and crop health.”

Monarch will be able to process the agricultural area using only the cameras. Using Jetson AI, the tractor is also very efficient in terms of safety as it is designed for driverless operation. The MK-V has two 3D cameras and six standard cameras.

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