New Security Features Coming to Facebook and Instagram!

Meta announced that it has introduced some innovations to protect children using Facebook and Instagram from malicious adults. The company, which carries out tests to make both platforms more secure, added that it is working on a platform to prevent children’s photos from spreading on the Internet.

Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, has been criticized for a long time on the grounds that these platforms harm young people. For this reason, the company was constantly introducing some innovations to both platforms to increase its security measures. Now another move has been made in this regard.

Meta announced today that it is introducing new privacy and security features for kids on Instagram and Facebook. Accordingly, children under 18 (under 16 in some countries) now sign up for Facebook by default. safer will have settings.

New restrictions on Facebook want to create a safer environment for children

It was stated by the company that moves will be made for children who are already in practice. According to the statement, Facebook will begin to encourage users under the age of 18 to choose such more secure settings. So that children friend lists, posts they are tagged in, users they follow There will be restrictions on who can see things like this.

If we open it further, the platform will try to create a safer environment by ensuring that the activities of children on the platform are only seen by their friends. Let’s add that this move comes a year after Instagram made the profile of underage users private by default.


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Meta is also testing ways to protect children from potentially malicious adults on both Instagram and Facebook.

In addition, ways to protect children from suspicious adults they do not know and who may be malicious are also being tested. Suspicious adults, previously by different child users blocked or reported There will be users.

Meta says suspicious adults ‘on Facebook’People you may know’ it says it won’t show. On Instagram, the company is trying to prevent an adult, who is considered suspicious, from texting when a child views their account. remove message button Testing a feature that will enable

Working on a platform to prevent children’s private images from spreading online

In addition, the company stated that it is working on a global platform for young people who are concerned about the possibility of sharing their private images without their permission. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) Working in partnership with Meta, the platform’s purpose is to display such images. prevent the spread of noted that.

The tech giant also added that the platform could be used by other companies in the industry, avoiding dire situations by responding to the needs of young people. It was also stated in the statements that details about the new platform will be shared in the coming weeks.


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