New Feature for Drivers from Google Assistant and Maps

Google has announced two new features for car owners. The first of these features is “Where do I charge it?” While it is for those who stay away from electric vehicles due to their anxiety or who already own electric vehicles, the latter appeals to those who are bored while driving.

For many, one of the biggest frustrations with electric cars is the how and where it can be charged subject. In addition, there are serious differences between Level 2 charges and DC fast charges, while .

to Google Maps “electric vehicle charging stationEven though there are many results when you type ”, without attention to detail serious problems are possible. For example, at a station you go to because it is close to your home, it may take a long time for the charging station to fill your battery.

Google will make it easier to find performing stations

Level 2 charging stations, 6.48 kWh It quickly charges your vehicle’s battery. This can cause quite a long charging time. on the other hand DC fast charging At 100 kWh or 350 kWh stations, it is possible to reduce the battery charging time from a few hours to a few minutes.

In the new version of Google Maps, users can optionally 50 kWh and above charging stations can choose to see. Thus, it will be possible to shorten the charging time much more. In this way, the time spent on the road can be significantly shortened.

Moreover, this innovation will not be the only development of Google Maps for electric vehicles. Users via the app J1772, CCS (Combo 1 and 2), Type 2, CHAdeMo and Tesla You can choose to charge.

These features can also be used in our country. For this use Google Maps. to the latest version you need to upgrade. When you search for “Electric vehicle charging station” after the update, you can update your search according to the socket types you want and whether it is fast charging or not from the options at the top. So Google asks, “Where do I find a station?” It aims to relieve tension.

Google Assistant will turn on your favorite podcast when you’re bored

webtekno podcast

Google Assistant can now detect commands for certain podcast requests. So it won’t automatically start listening to the last episode of a podcast, desired sections. will be able to open. Moreover, in order to use this feature, it will be possible to open chapters using not only the chapter number, but also specific topics, guests or chapter titles.

To explain this situation with examples:

  • “Hey Google, Webtekno Podcast Interviews play the episode with Refik Anadol” If you say so, you will be able to start listening to that part.
  • “OK Google, Webtekno Podcast Interviews play the section on bitcoin prices” If you do, that part will be played.
  • “Hey Google, play Webtekno Podcast Interviews episode ‘Why Is The Internet Slow In Turkey, How To Solve It?’” you will be able to listen to that part.
  • “OK Google, play the first episode of Webtekno Podcast Interviews” If you do, the first episode will start playing.

After issuing this command podcast of your choice by listening platform The section you want will open on Google Podcasts or Spotify. Thus, you will be able to access whichever episode you last stayed in in a podcast series or which episode you wanted to listen to again.

If you are looking for an enjoyable podcast to listen to, how about listening to Webtekno Podcast Interviews?

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