New era on YouTube! Nudity censorship is lifted

It is not considered appropriate to publish all content on social media platforms. Regarding this issue, platforms prevent users of all ages from accessing these contents within the framework of some regulations and rules. YouTube also has rules that include such regulations, and the platform has implemented some easings in these rules. Here are the changes and details regarding YouTube sensitive content rules…

YouTube is adjusting its policies regarding nudity!

Last Thursday, YouTube changed its rules regarding sexual content and nudity. Looking at the reports on the subject, it was seen that the platform had eased some of its rules regarding nudity and inappropriate content. With this new regulation, the age limit and blocking rules on some videos have also been eased.

Accordingly, YouTube removed its previous rule that it did not allow breastfeeding videos to be published. Restrictions on breastfeeding videos, which are now in the “mother-child health” category and where the child is also seen in the video, have been lifted. This was called “an appropriate decision” among users, especially since it was a step taken regarding health.

As we mentioned, with this decision, breastfeeding videos will be included in the “mother-child health” category, and breastfeeding videos in which the child appears will not be subject to YouTube restrictions. Subsequently, the platform also eased access barriers on some dance videos. The dance videos in question will be unblocked and these videos will be allowed to generate advertising revenue.

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As long as the videos in question fall into the category of “non-sexual graphic dance videos that include rhythmic body movements”, they will not be blocked by YouTube. In addition, it will also remove access barriers to content where the users’ areas classified as sexual objects in the videos are minimally covered and these areas are not the focus of the videos.

Watching these videos on the platform, especially by young children, caused great reactions. Regarding this issue, YouTube has launched a separate application called “Kids”, which contains content for children. Thanks to accounts opened with parental control through YouTube Kids, younger viewers cannot access these contents and continue to watch content in the children’s category.

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