New decision for second-hand vehicle buying-selling regulation!

Last summer, on July 6, 2023, the regulation that will prevent those who engage in opportunism, especially galleries and dealers, in new and second-hand car sales was published in the Official Gazette. However, it was stated that no second-hand vehicle (everything from cars to motorcycles) can be sold above the manufacturer’s and distributor’s current sales price and cannot be advertised on various sites. As a matter of fact, a new decision was taken today for the second-hand vehicle buying and selling regulation.

Second-hand vehicle buying-selling regulation has been extended for another 6 months!

With the second-hand vehicle buying-selling regulation that came into force approximately 5 months ago, it has officially become illegal for dealers to ask for an amount above the manufacturer’s and distributor’s current list sales price for new vehicles. Similarly, galleries were prevented from purchasing these vehicles, having them covered 6 thousand km through various means, and selling them above the new price after the 6th month.

Second-hand vehicle buying-selling arrangement

In other words, opportunism was prevented in both new and second-hand buying and selling transactions. Of course, we also hear and see many things happening on vehicles, such as exorbitantly priced option equipment add-ons, ceramic coating processes up to 5-10 times higher, and surreptitious requests for extra cash.

However, it is also a fact that opportunism cannot be done as much as before, as deterrence and punishment are high in general, and because advertising sites directly prevent this situation. As a matter of fact, the Ministry of Commerce decided to extend this regulation, which came into force on 15/7/2023 and will last until 1/1/2024, and extended it until 1/7/2024.

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