New Bitcoin (BTC) Message from Binance CEO!

Cryptocurrency investors, who had a difficult week with the bankruptcy of FTX, focused on the new week while waiting for the storm to pass.

While investors, who were afraid of the domino effect that FTX might create, were hesitant to press the buy button, we started to see “Bitcoin is dead” articles in the mainstream media again.

Investors who have been interested in cryptocurrencies for a long time are aware of these news. bitcoin Although he considers it to be a bottom signal for cryptocurrencies, new investors who meet cryptocurrencies in 2021 continue to be afraid.

As investors prepare for the new week Binance CEO Changpeng ZhaoA new Bitcoin message came from .

The famous CEO, who has 7.8 million followers on Twitter, said, “Bitcoin is not dead, we are still here.”

Cz’s post received thousands of likes in a short time. BTC price did not react to this positive message.

Bitcoin, which is traded at $ 16560 as of our news time, has been continuing its horizontal movement at these levels for a week.

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