Netflix finally solves the problem that drives the audience crazy!

Netflix The user interface has gotten more useful over the years. However, it still contains a big problem. The company recently announced that this has been fixed and is no longer available. At this point now ‘Continue Watching’ You don’t have a problem when it comes to the line.

Netflix Anyone with a subscription can voluntarily turn off the TV series and movies that have been removed from the service on this line on any device, including TVs. The streaming platform offers a huge library that allows users to start a random series or movie.

Netflix’s most watched shows of the week have been announced!

Netflix continues to share its most watched list for a while. The platform shared this week’s Top10 list.

Netflix changes the ‘Continue Watching’ line

When you click on a movie or TV show without finishing it, the production will be automatically ‘Continue Watching’ moves to line. This actually looks like a very useful feature. Because users can quickly find the shows they watch and continue from where they left off.


However, if you have a habit of starting shows and movies and quitting ‘Continue Watching’ line gets complicated. At this point, users requested a way to manually remove content they are no longer interested in. Netflix He listened to this feedback and fulfilled the request.

This option of Netflix arrives on TVs on January 27

Netflix‘of ‘Continue Watching’ option to remove content from line January 27, 2022‘also TVexpanded to . According to the company, all of its users worldwide now have access to the feature on any device that supports Netflix. Initially, users could only access the feature in Netflix’s mobile app and web browser.

You NetflixWhat do you think about the new feature offered by ? Do you think it is useful? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments section!

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