Negotiations Started with Cryptocurrency Hacker Who Stole 25 Million Dollars

Cryptocurrency investment firm Kronos Research started negotiations with the hacker who stole $25 million.

The Kronos team sent a message over the blockchain to the hacker responsible for the attack a few weeks ago, saying that the funds were removed. 90% refunded He said that they would leave the incident unattended.

In the message, “We recognize the complexity of the situation and are ready to discuss reaching a solution. “If 90% of the stolen funds are returned, we offer the remaining 10% as a reward.” It was said.

Made by Kronos on November 19 in the statement some API keys accessed without authorization and it was said that all buying and selling transactions were stopped during the investigation.

The company said in a statement regarding this: “Currently in cryptocurrency approximately $26 million We can confirm that it was lost, and although it is a large sum of money, Kronos is still in good condition. “All damages will be covered internally and the partners will not be affected.” said.

Recently, the decentralized exchange KyberSwap also suffered a hacking attack and the hacker was given the money he stole. offered 10% as a reward.

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