NASA Shares All Flights of Mars Helicopter Ingenuity

NASA shared a video about the helicopter “Ingenuity” that it sent to Mars with the Perseverance spacecraft. This video shows all the flights the defunct helicopter has ever made.

The helicopter sent to Mars by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)ingenuity” shared a remarkable video about “. In this video, the institution explains what Ingenuity has done to date. all flights shared.

Ingenuity is the one that NASA sent to Mars years ago. perseveranceHe traveled to Mars in . This spacecraft has also performed some missions as of April 2021. In this context; carried out to date All 72 flightsis included in the shared video.

Here is the video shared by NASA for Ingenuity:

According to the statements made by NASA, Ingenuity has been more than 17 kilometers has come a long way. During this period, the helicopter carried out important work for the exploration of Mars. In the video shared by NASA, during the flights details that matter There is also.


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Meanwhile; Ingenuity is no longer usable let’s say. The helicopter was damaged during a flight in January 2024 and became unusable. However, with the work it has done to date, Ingenuity managed to make history.

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