Modanisa Acquired by Re-Pie

Modanisa, one of Turkey’s most prominent fashion and shopping platforms, was acquired by portfolio management company Re-Pie.

Founded in 2015 Re-Pie, One of Turkey’s first and largest alternative portfolio management companies It has the feature of being . The company is on the agenda with its complete acquisition of Modanisa, one of the well-known names in the clothing industry in our country. Re-Pie had previously heavily favored Modanisa in investment rounds.

Re-Pie Portföy Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. M. Emre Çamlıbel, “Turkish textile and modern fashion approach to 140 countries of the world We are pleased to add Modanisa, which has achieved rapid growth, to our portfolio.He evaluated the purchase with the words: But there is more.

Modanisa received a new investment of “12 million dollars” from Re-Pie Portföy Embedded Venture Capital Fund (GSYF).

From Re-Pie Portfolio Camlibelcontinued his explanation with the following words:

Generating 80 percent of its revenues from exports Modanisa’s We provide the necessary investment to further increase the brand value, which it has achieved by reaching millions of consumers around the world through online platforms, with physical retailing with high profit margins. Modanisa, which implemented its aggressive growth strategy this year A new unicorn from Turkey We will continue to support it to happen.

Modanisa, 20 million visitors per month It offers services both via mobile and internet. The company is constantly taken into consideration by people who adopt a ‘conservative’ clothing style. to 140 countries is exporting. Apart from this, it draws attention by highlighting the products of Turkish designers in Fashion Week events held in different and important parts of the world. The company’s current target is to have 9 stores by the end of the year. to 27 stores reaching a growth rate of 200 percent.

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