Microsoft Increased Windows 11 System Requirements

Users who tested the Insider version of Windows 11 24H2 found that the system requirements have increased. With the update, old computers will be completely prevented from switching to Windows 11.

US-based technology giant Microsoft has been working on Windows 11 for a while. 24H2 continues to work on its version. Information that emerged a few months ago revealed that the operating system would be prevented from being installed on computers that did not fully meet the system requirements.

The latest news is that Microsoft has announced the system requirements for Windows 11. now permanently upgraded it reveals. Enthusiasts who examined the latest Insider versions of Windows 11 24H2 noticed that after PopCnt support was made mandatory, SSE4.2 support is now available. has been made mandatory They detected. Users who want to install Windows 11 on processors that do not support these system features will be stuck on the first page and will be stuck on the first page. They will not be able to progress in any way.

Windows 11 can be installed on computers without official support

As it is known, Microsoft requested relatively high system requirements for Windows 11. As such, even some processors that are several years old have not received official support for Windows 11. However, some users bypass methods They detected it and thanks to these methods, Windows 11 could be installed on relatively old computers. Microsoft’s latest work is at the point of closing all vulnerabilities is determined means.


Windows 11 Will Now Advertise Even on the Settings Screen

The 24H2 version of Windows 11 is not yet a globally stable version. not published. However, the update schedule is now very close. So soon all users will get Windows 11 new operating system requirements They will be subject to it. Unfortunately, it is unknown what will happen to devices that do not currently meet the system requirements but are installed with Windows 11 via bypass methods.

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