Mice First Aged, Then Rejuvenated

David Sinclair of Harvard University School of Medicine has achieved a new tangible success by pursuing his 20-year theory.

Scientists, who are in pursuit of prolonging human life by preventing aging, have signed an extremely important study. Harvard University School of Medicine, Dr. In research conducted by David Sinclair and Paul F. Glenn et al. the aging process could be accelerated and slowed down.

The success has been possible by focusing on a different point, unlike most research to date. This time, instead of the mutation in DNA, scientists to epigenetics focused.

Mice are aged first, then rejuvenated!

The team genetically modified a group of mice for a trial on mammals. When mice are given a certain drug, this change is caused by the enzyme in the body’s genome. DNA at 20 different locations it would cut it.

The basis of this study has a history of 20 years. David Sinclair, aging is vital for cells to continue doing their job. due to ‘losing’ information was defending. This information was presented by hereditary genes.

The theory is that cells lose information because they lose information. As time passed, they were unable to repair their genes. The more genomic damage accumulated, the lower their repair abilities were.

Thanks to the drug used in the study, the cuts made in the DNA through the enzyme were also for this test. The test showed parallel effects with David’s theory; Mice lost their hair within weeks, and within months. fragility and signs of tissue aging started to show.

The aging process was reversible:

The next step was to see if aging could be reversed in mice. To test this, scientists injected ‘aged-looking’ mice with Adeno-associated virus carrying the OSK gene. This mixture was a method that has only just been proven effective in epigenetic reprogramming.

In the observations made, in the muscles, kidneys and retinas of mice; It was observed that the epigenetic changes caused by the damage caused by the DNA cuts made in the first place could be reversed. This is the aging of an animal.can be controlled as desired.“He revealed.


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