Metaverse Platform “Horizon Worlds” Released on Mobile

Meta has begun making the mobile app and web version of its mataverse platform Horizon Worlds available for early access globally. Users will now be able to access Meta’s digital world via their smartphones.

Mark Zuckerberg has been focusing on metaverse technologies for the last few years. Even the name of the Facebook company was changed for the sake of this technology. Meta was changed to . The company also “Meta Horizon WorldsHe also created a metaverse ecosystem called “”. The ecosystem, which can only be accessed through Meta’s Quest branded augmented reality glasses, has not been that big until today. did not attract attention. Even Mark Zuckerberg, with low graphics quality became a laughing stock.

The latest news reveals that Meta has taken a very important step regarding the virtual universe. The company is releasing Meta Horizon Worlds as a mobile application and web version. globally started to be put into use. Users from around the world, via web version or mobile devices They can experience Meta’s metaverse ecosystem within early access. Moreover, users do not need to use Quest equipment. This move is part of Meta Horizon Worlds’ increasing popularity It seems like it would help.

What should those who want to access Meta’s virtual universe do?

A user who wants to access Meta Horizon Worlds must go to the official website of the service and get a “meta account“. Do not be confused by this. The Meta account is a connection between the platforms created by the company for Quest equipment and belonging to Meta. integrated A new account type. Users; They will be able to access the type of account called Meta account via Facebook, Instagram or directly via their email address.


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What happens after I complete the registration process?

meta metaverse ecosystem

A user who enters the website of Meta Horizon Worlds and defines his Meta account will find himself in a virtual world from now on. Users create with avatars They will see each other and begin to interact with people they know and people they don’t know. Any of these interactions there is no restriction Let’s also point out. Mark Zuckerberg explained that in this ecosystem, users will be able to do anything they can think of, from partying to business meetings. Here’s all this now on web version or mobile devices can be experienced.

But… It is not active in Turkey for now.


We wanted to try it in order to better explain to you, our valued followers, what Meta Horizon Worlds offers. However, when we tried to log in to the system, we encountered an annoying warning. The early access version of Meta Horizon Worlds is unfortunately out for now. Not active in Turkey. According to the information provided by Meta, the virtual universe can currently only be used in Canada, Ireland, France, Iceland, Spain, the United Kingdom and the USA. However, the company in the near future He said that more users will be able to access Meta Horizon Worlds.

If you want to access Meta Horizon Worlds’ website here You can use the link.

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