MetaMask Developers Announced New Update!

Internet browser-based crypto wallet application MetaMask takes security and privacy protection to the next level with a new update for existing users.

According to the announcement made by MetaMask developers today, a number of new features have been added to the application that allow wallet holders more control over their own data.

Chief among the new features will be the ability to toggle certain settings that control the transfer of user data to third-party services. Wallet users will thus be able to protect themselves more easily against phishing attacks.

MetaMask developers have also made it easy to switch between RPC (remote procedure) providers with data sharing permission. RPCs take on the task of enabling applications such as MetaMask to broadcast user transactions on the supported network by providing nodes that allow applications to connect to blockchains.

With the development, users will now be able to choose their preferred RPC provider instead of using MetaMask’s default provider, Infura.

The timing of the arrangement made regarding Infura drew attention. Recently, it was alleged that parent company CosenSys was using the personal data of MetaMask users through Infura.

ConsenSys, on the other hand, clarified that it does not collect user data if they use other RPC providers in response to the allegations.

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