Meta Announces New Operating System for Metaverse

Meta has taken a new step regarding the metaverse ecosystem, into which it has poured tons of money. The company announced the open source Horizon OS operating system.

Social media giant Meta launches wearable mixed reality headset Quest 3 and made a remarkable statement about the previously released models. In the statement, it was stated that for these devices “Horizon OSIt was stated that a new operating system named ” has been developed. This Android-based operating system is open with source code It has a structure.

The Meta team, especially Mark Zuckerberg, has joined the metaverse world. shed tons of money. However, the desired interest could not be achieved. Therefore, the solution produced was an open source operating system. In this way, the Meta team more developers Quest believes it will develop apps for the titles. It should be noted that Horizon OS can also be used by companies that produce third-party mixed reality headsets.

More applications will be developed

According to the statement made by Mark Zuckerberg, the new operating system is an important development for the metaverse ecosystem. turning point will be. Because developers will have the opportunity to customize the devices they develop within the scope of the Horizon OS ecosystem for productivity, fitness, video watching and 2D games. Meta also describes the application store that allows users to access all these applications.Horizon Storewill rename it to “.


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Meta avoided giving details in its statements for Horizon OS. However, the company has expanded the metaverse ecosystem with this move. can disseminate is convinced. However, we will see over time whether this will be the case. After all, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have a lot to do with the metaverse. spent billions of dollars However, it should not be forgotten that it did not find a response.

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