Local satellite Connecta T1.2 took a selfie!

Turkey’s first satellite selfie photo was taken. The photo taken over the Black Sea by the domestic satellite Connecta T1.2 cubesat on Saturday, September 16, reached the ground teams. You should see the photo, which attracted a lot of attention on social media. Here are the details of Turkey’s first satellite selfie photo…

Turkish side of the Black Sea from space and local satellite Connecta T1.2!

In the photo shared on the Twitter account of Plan S company on Saturday, September 16, the domestic Connecta T1.2 cube satellite, which was launched into orbit by the SpaceX rocket in recent months, and the Turkish side of the Black Sea are included. The photo taken with the camera on the front of the satellite is also one of Turkey’s first space selfies.

Connecta T1.2 was produced by Plan-S, a company founded by Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark. Connecta 1.2, the company’s second satellite, was launched into space with the SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter 6 rocket on January 3, 2023. Following 1.2, Turkey’s second commercial observation satellite, 2.1 was sent into space with the Transporter 7 mission.

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Connecta T1.2 satellite provides services such as aviation, maritime, smart agriculture, etc. thanks to its IoT. It will provide data transfer in areas such as. In addition to all this, it will also provide information about deep space and other planets thanks to its cameras.

Connecta T1.2 features

In the 3U and 4kg CubeSat class.


Two-way communication

DeployableTM/TC deployable antennas

S-band patch antennas designed, developed and manufactured by Plan-S

RF Front Ends for IoT and High Speed ​​Data in S-band designed, developed and built by Plan-S

Designed and developed by OBC Plan-S.

Allocated Frequencies:

TM/TC on commercial UHF

High Speed ​​Data in S-band (space operations)

IoT (mobile satellite services) in S band

Connection Speeds:

TM/TC (UHF) -9600bps

High Speed ​​(S-Band) – 2 Mbps

IoT (S-band) >1 kbps

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