Live broadcast for Moon images from NASA!

NASA is preparing to return to the Moon as part of the Artemis mission. The space agency is preparing to send humans to the Moon again after more than 50 years. Along with these missions, it is planned that the first woman and the first black person will set foot on the Moon.

Moon images coming from Orion spacecraft

The Artemis I mission has been launched as NASA continues its work to return to the Moon. As part of the mission, NASA’s Orion spacecraft began to advance in space. Heading towards the moon, the spacecraft will pass very close to the satellite on Monday, November 21.

With the Orion spacecraft approaching the Moon, NASA will go live on both its website and YouTube. The broadcast, which will begin at 3:15 p.m. on Monday, will see Orion orbiting the Moon and firing its engines.

Exciting video: Mars samples are coming to Earth!

Exciting video: Mars samples are coming to Earth!

The Mars rover Perseverance is preparing to bring the samples he found to Earth. NASA shared a video about how the samples will come.

Orion is currently moving away from Earth. But our planet is still the main attraction for spacecraft. On Monday, the spacecraft will enter the Moon’s sphere of influence. The spacecraft will continue to approach the satellite while the Moon will be the primary gravitational force acting on Orion.

The Orioan, which will orbit the Moon, will fire its engines to return to Earth and use the moon’s gravity to increase its speed. With the Moon’s gravity and combustion in the engines, Orion will go 64 thousand kilometers beyond the Moon.

Orion will come within 128 kilometers of the Moon during all this orbital movement. Orion is equipped with many cameras to study the Moon in detail, including those located at the ends of the solar panels.

Orion spacecraft

NASA will share with us beautiful images of Orion’s journey to the Moon on Monday, November 21st. Orion will be closest to the Moon at 16:00. NASA is also planning a live stream for its return route on November 25.

We are eagerly awaiting the images of the Moon to be taken by the Orion spacecraft. So what do you think about NASA’s Moon missions? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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