JP Morgan Lists Potential Risks For Ethereum (ETH)!

The biggest altcoin Ethereum (ETH) expected in the network Merge The merger went smoothly.

However, experts in the industry stated that they were worried about Merge, which envisages the transition from the PoW system to the PoS system.

US banking giant J.P. Morgan, Post Merge in a research report published by ETH He wrote down all the potential problems he saw in the blockchain.

JP Morgan, the first of these problems, after Merge ETH launched on the blockchain EthereumPoW showed that the fork named was supported by some exchanges and platforms.

According to the bank, Merge and its co-launched ETHPoW The fork has not been good for the Ethereum community and may split the community.

JP Morgan cited the second problem that the Merge merger is causing the ETH blockchain to become less decentralized.

“Merge merger has led to less decentralization of the ETH blockchain. Because the majority of the ETH supply is in the hands of a certain group.”

“Ethererum Price Has Dropped Sharply!”

Finally Ethereum Evaluating the price, JP Morgan said that there was a sharp decline in the price of ETH.

The following statements were used in the report regarding the decrease in ETH:

“This drop in ETH is likely due to the weakness of risk assets as a result of central banks taking a more hawkish stance on monetary policy.

In addition, the actions of investors in the direction of “buy the rumor/sell the news”, specific to Merge, were also effective in the decline.”

which has been in a downtrend since the Merge merger on Sept. Ethereum It has dropped 11% in the last week. ETH At the time of writing, it is trading at $1,299.

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