It’s like a science fiction scene: The brain internet is coming!

While developments in artificial intelligence continue to surprise people every day, scientists are also conducting certain studies. One of these studies was a brain implant that works with the energy of the human body. Thanks to new studies, people can have a brain internet.

Brain implant will be connected to computers and smart devices!

Many recent technological advances artificial intelligence It’s about. While this technology remains on the agenda, scientists continue to work on important developments. According to the latest news, scientists are working on ways to control computers and smart devices with the mind.

of the USA at Purdue University Scientists have developed a device that does not need to be connected to any device and works with the energy of the human body. brain implant developed. Researchers said that with this implant, people can control smart devices with the brain internet they have anytime and anywhere.

Future AirPods models will be able to read brain waves!

Future AirPods models will be able to read brain waves!

According to Apple’s new patent, future AirPods models will be able to read brain waves. Here are the details…

The brain implant in question, unlike existing brain chips, brain waves It does not require a device to capture. There have been many attempts to connect brain signals to a device. However, recent research neural implants and was the first study to demonstrate high-bandwidth wireless communication between wearable devices.

Jan Rabaey, University of California He expressed his thoughts on the subject. “Having a device that communicates with an implant from outside the skull is very interesting. “It brings a new and interesting perspective to a problem that many people struggle with.”

Brain internet is coming like a science fiction scene!

Placement of chips Doctors remove the skin on the skull. Afterwards, bilateral surgery is performed with sensitive surgical products. craniotomy It carries out. From now on, the midline skull will be thinned to improve contact between the chip and the devices, which are not connected to the brain.

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