It Turned Out That $160 Million In Cryptocurrency Was Confiscated In China!

The Chinese police shared the details of the operation they led against the online gambling network that they had been following for about 2 years.

In the investigation, which started with a simple suspicion, it was determined that the network managed about 400 billion yuan and used money laundering methods.

In the interrogations made by the police, it was determined that the gang members made all their transactions with cryptocurrencies. The specially created team followed the trail of the money and contacted crypto companies to freeze gang-related cryptocurrency accounts.

During this investigation, cryptocurrencies worth 1 billion yuan, or about 160 million dollars, were confiscated.

The court decided to confiscate the cryptocurrencies in these frozen accounts. This decision was the first cryptocurrency confiscation order issued by the court in Hubei province.

There was no information about the seized cryptocurrencies in the police statement and local news sources.

It was stated that the leader of the gang, 3 people were arrested outside the country.

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