iPhone 16 May Not Have Any Physical Buttons!

Allegedly, Apple placed an order for capacitive buttons to replace physical buttons. So Apple may be removing physical buttons completely.

Apple has been looking for ways to remove physical buttons from its smartphones for a while. According to the latest news, the Cupertino-based technology giant has achieved this goal. iPhone 16 You can reach it via . Allegedly, Apple has agreed with a supplier for capacitive buttons that will replace physical buttons.

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering The capacitive buttons requested by Apple, which has made an agreement with the company called, are expected to be used in the iPhone models to be introduced this year. It is also stated that the buttons ordered will have an in-package system module. This strengthens the claims that physical buttons can be replaced.

Will physical buttons really disappear

Allegedly Appleat least two packet-modules it needs. Thanks to these modules, you can use buttons such as volume control buttons and on/off buttons. Taptic Engine Systems such as these can be integrated. These systems were previously only requested by Sun Moon Investment Control.

On the other hand, these claims have some be suspicious It is necessary. First of all, there is no other source yet that indicates that Apple wants to remove physical buttons on the iPhone 16. Moreover, even if Apple really placed an order, it could use this technology in its later models. Moreover, the iPhone is not the company’s only product, and it may be possible to see a design without physical buttons on a different device. The new iPhone 16 is expected to be introduced in the last months of this year.


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