iPhone 13 may cause problems with sub-industry screens

carried out this month apple announced at launch and October 1st New news about the iPhone 13, which will be released on According to the latest information, the iPhone 13 Apple Care After repairing, various problems may occur.

Although it is recommended that the problematic devices be repaired by Apple itself, some users may try different repair methods to cut costs. Especially devices with expired warranty Users who want to make their repair cheap, iPhone 13 then they may lose some features of the device.

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iPhone 13 may cause problems with aftermarket displays

According to a test by the YouTube channel Phone Repair Guru, iPhone 13Replacing ‘s screen with a third-party screen Face IDcauses it to break down. The same YouTube channel states that changing the microphone of the device did not cause any sensor damage, but Face ID could not be operated in any way.

When the device is restarted after the screen change, the screen in front of you to create Face ID cannot detect your face in any way and ‘Face ID is not eligible. Try using Face ID againYou will be greeted with a ‘ warning.


The same YouTube channel states that there may be a way or two to circumvent this problem. Phone Repair GuruAccording to , if some chips can be transferred to the sub-industry display, it may be possible to reactivate Face ID. However, this process it’s not easy at all it is said.

It is unclear at the moment whether Apple has taken any deliberate measures in this regard. Do not forget to share your views on the subject with us in the comments section.

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