Investigation Launched About Migros

In the past days, Migros dismissed more than 250 workers who went on strike, finding the hike too low. Following this incident, it was announced that an investigation was launched against Migros today.

Migros, which has been on the agenda of Turkey for days, continues to strike against the working conditions of the employees. Strike organized by workers who are members of the Warehouse, Port, Shipyard and Marine Workers’ Union (DGD-SEN) While 250 employees were dismissed by Migros due to Today, an important development took place for Migros.

Following the detention of the striking workers and the spread of the videos shared on social media, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, following the complaints of the workers working in the Migros warehouse an investigation has been initiated announced. The minister made a statement on his Twitter account.

“We will not allow any of our workers to be victimized”

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, in his post “As the Ministry of Labor and Social Security regarding the complaints of Migros employees, we started an investigation. None of our workers, laborers to be victimized We will not turn a blind eye” made statements.

The last statement shared by Migros:

Migros, in the statement it shared after the spread of the allegations that 250 employees were laid off, said that the employer of the distribution center, Us Group, will be able to give under all economic conditions. offers income increase with maximum raise had stated. Migros stated that the reason for the dismissals is “all transparent communication, Despite close dialogue, warnings, 2 warnings and telling the truth with verbal explanations over and over again” He shared it as a continuation of his actions.


Statement on the Dismissal of 250 Employees from Migros

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