Important Airdrop Statement from Popular Altcoin: Remaining Tokens Have Been Distributed!

Ethereum layer-2 (L2) protocol Optimism sent millions of OPs to the accounts of users who were eligible for the airdrop that started last year but did not request it.

From the Optimism team, which started last year “Airdrop 1” has taken an important step. by the team 15 September made on social media on the day in the statement, 1 June 2022′Those who are eligible for the airdrop that started in still not demanding It was stated that it would be sent directly to users.

Did not claim airdrop rights More than 88 thousand addresses The team stated that in total 48 million OP for $67.7 millionstarted shipping to these addresses on September 15th and approximately 12 hour distribution period Then the transactions were completed. Users who have completed the conditions in the past period but have no knowledge or information about the airdrop should check their wallets.

Optimism is part of the first airdrop 214 million tokens stated that he would distribute 166 million It was sent to the rights holders in the past period. However, during this period, approximately Because one quarter did not request the airdrop The team preferred such a direct shipping method.

The distribution in question includes all the airdrops promised by the team. distribute to deserving users and with the Airdrop 1 event achieving its goal concluded happened. In the announcement, it was stated that the completion of the airdrop process was completed by the development teams. smart contracts And new airdrops It was emphasized that it would pave the way for work on:

Distributing the remainder of the airdrop via direct submission will allow the core development team to focus on other smart contract work and future airdrops. Thank you for your patience.

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