IKEA Introduced New Smart Home Sensors

IKEA, which wants to make homes smart, introduced smart home sensors that do not create irreparable holes in the budget. These sensors will go on sale next year.

In recent years, smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Seen as a luxury in the past smart features We now have access to much more affordable prices. IKEA also aims to attract consumers at this point with its new smart home sensors. The company introduced three smart home sensors that it will launch next year.

Three new sensors from Ikea

The first of these sensors vallhorn named motion sensor. This sensor, which has an IP44 waterproof certificate, can perform functions such as turning on the lights when it detects a movement. Powered by three AAA batteries, Vallhorn works right out of the box. up to 10 It can match with Ikea smart bulb. This model will be available at a more affordable price than the IKEA sensor that is currently on sale and can be used in narrower and more enclosed spaces.

The second sensor badring is one water sensor and it also has a siren on it. Thus, in case of detection of a leak or a leak, a loud warning can be made. People who use the IKEA Dirigera smart home system can also receive messages in case of danger from the Badring they use in their homes, if they wish.

The last sensor lens hood It can be used on doors and windows. These sensors, which can be installed in a way that is not visible from the outside, do not open the doors or windows, but trigger an action when the opening and closing movement is made. Let’s say you enter your room, the lights can be turned on with these sensors.


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Of these sensors, Parasoll and Badring are not compatible with the old Ikea smart home system Trådfri, but Google, Amazon, Apple It can work together with smart home systems of companies such as. The new sensors are expected to go on sale in January 2024.

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