IBM Builds The World’s Largest Super Refrigerator

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) has announced that they are building the world’s largest quantum computer refrigerator. IBM researchers believe that the super refrigerator they call “Goldeneye” can do great things in scientific discoveries.

Quantum computersA type of computer that uses quantum mechanics. These computers have much higher and more efficient processing power than any computer we use in our daily life. When it comes to refrigerator, almost all of us probably think of white goods that we use in our kitchens. However, the refrigerator that we will talk about in this content quite different from normal refrigerator something.

One of the world’s largest information technology companies IBMannounced last year that the computing power of quantum computers increase 100 times announced a roadmap for promising quantum computing software. IBM, which is working in this field, seems to have signed a very ambitious job. The company’s research team thinks it will be very useful in future quantum experiments. super fridge built it.

The world’s largest super fridge “Goldeneye”

IBM researchers are looking for an experimental perspective for science projects such as quantum computing. the world’s largest dilution refrigerator announced that they were building. “goldeneyeIt is thought that the super refrigerator called ” will be very useful in some of the scientific studies that have been done and will be done. Researchers built this refrigerator to learn how today’s dilution refrigerators can overcome certain limitations.

For quantum experiments to be most efficient, most quantum experiments are performed in extremely cold environments. It is very difficult to create an environment and condition where the temperatures are very low and the energy is almost zero. IBM team, 1.7 cubic meters Three of Goldeneye’s experiment volumes House type bigger than kitchen fridge an area, colder than space claims to be able to.

The large refrigerator can be carried easily by a small team.

Explaining the design of Goldeneye, the team explained that the refrigerator’s main barrel-shaped component responsible for cooling, its frame and the freezing part completely renovated building stated that he has Large cranes and teams of tens of people are required for the assembly and disassembly of other large dilution refrigerators of similar construction. Team Goldeneye is also large, but extremely efficient and compared to other dilution refrigerators. takes up less space stated.

Equipped with passion and dedication, according to the team, Goldeneye only out of four of a team of seven tons a mountain of steel and electronics that you can move seen as evidence. The refrigerator, which has a lidded design, fully automatic It has a system and even a single technician can operate it.


Quantum Computers Will Make a Breakthrough With Fridge Cooler Than Outer Space

The team’s work continues and results may not come soon. Stating that Goldeneye is not ready to be used with IBM’s current processors, the team thinks that creating such a super refrigerator is a proof of how difficulties in scientific experiments can be overcome.

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