Huwei Pura 70 Pro Disassembled into Pieces

Huawei’s new flagship, Pura 70 Ultra, attracted attention with the innovation in the camera module.

Making radical changes in naming their smartphones Huaweiannounced that it had changed the name of the iconic P series at an event it held recently. The first phones to appear under the Pura name are named Pura 70, Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+ and Pura 70 Ultra.

When we put the names of these phones aside, one of the interesting aspects is in Pura 70 Ultra It became a camera slot. The device, which hides its material quality and complex mechanism very well from the outside, was disassembled on the WekiHome channel. YouTuber also allowed us to see the interesting camera mechanism of the phone.

High-end materials were used.

The phone, which uses leather material on the back, consists largely of metal plates. Of course, this being the case, it would not be right to expect it to be light. Itself 232 grams. Pura 70 Ultra, the top-level device of the family, has a camera that can be opened and retracted. This makes it possible for the company to innovatively place a wider lens on the phone.

Camera using stepper motors, With IP68 certification Dust and water resistant. In general terms, we can say that the internal structure is designed efficiently in terms of both order and thermal insulation. In the video, YouTuber looks at not only the camera but also the other hardware of the phone in detail. He also gives general information about the phone and expresses his thoughts about the materials used. How did you find this system?

Pura 70 Pro

Pura 70 Pro


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