Humanoid Robots Will Become Commonplace, According to NVIDIA CEO

NVIDA CEO Jensen Huang, who has made many interesting statements recently, believes that humanoid robots will become quite commonplace in the future.

One of the companies that benefited most from the artificial intelligence breakthrough NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, announced in a recent interview that he expects humanoid robots to become quite commonplace soon. According to Huang, this will be revolutionary in many industries.

Another point that Huang draws attention to is that these robots they would be pretty cheap. According to NVIDIA CEO, the prices of humanoid robots will be close to the prices of cheap cars. Thus, it will be possible for wider audiences to access these robots. This will enable dangerous, repetitive or boring jobs to be done by robots.

NVIDIA invests in robots

In line with Huang’s vision NVIDIA is currently working on Project GR00T, which is expected to be the basic model for humanoid robots. In addition, the Jetson Thor computer system developed for humanoid robots also bears the signature of NVIDIA. The technology giant also has collaborations with startups such as 1X Technologies, Agility Robotics and Boston Dynamics. The Isaac platform also continues to be developed.

Huang is not the only company or the only name that has great expectations from this technology. Elon Musk also previously pointed out the humanoid robot project called Optimus and said that the company The price will be in the range of 25 to 30 thousand dollars He pointed out that he would produce models. It was stated that the prices of these models would decrease over time.

Huang’s vision is not a distant dream in technical terms, but the adaptation of robots may take time due to the impact of this situation on areas such as unemployment.


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