Human Statue in Göbeklitepe Was Censored

We were so happy about the statues in Göbeklitepe, but the statues were censored by the mainstream media less than a day later.

the other day Göbeklitepe We gave you the good news about the statues found as a result of the excavations in Karahantepe. Among these statues, the wild boar statue is the most beautiful one ever found. oldest painted statue It had the feature of being This was an important finding for human history.

Apart from the wild boar statue, it looks very detailed for that time. human statue was also removed. This statue, which has details such as ribs and hands and appears to be holding a penis, was censored in the local media. Even worse, your penis for the sake of showing it on TV because it may have been removed is suspected.

The underside of the statue is not shown on media channels.

This statue, which is 10,000-12,000 years old, culture and Tourism Ministry It is not shown in full size on the page. In a television program where the discovery was shown, the penis area is seen to be held behind the announcer.


In different videos published about the discovery, it is seen that the statue’s penis not having any stands out. While it is clearly visible when you go to our previous news and look at the image above, this part is not present in the subsequent images.I wonder if it was removed?It gives rise to questions like “.


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