How tired is Tesla, having traveled 320 thousand kilometers?

Electric cars suddenly entered our lives and today we see different models of many brands on the roads. There may even be those who remember that while brands such as Tesla and TOGG only saw these cars when they first launched, now we see an electric car on almost every street. Well, while there is still a market for cars with over 300 thousand kilometers in Turkey, how can a Tesla be with this mileage? Here are the details…

The size of an Istanbul taxi: Here is the Tesla with 320 thousand kilometers!

We included the phrase taxi in the title. As it is known, Istanbul taxis can generally have mileage values ​​varying between 600 and 700 thousand kilometers. So can a Tesla be used as a taxi in these conditions? We will try to get the answer to this question from a Tesla that has been used for 320 thousand kilometers.

In the video shared by Out of Spec Reviews, a Tesla with 200 thousand miles (that is, 321 thousand kilometers) is examined. During this kilometer, the values ​​of the car charged at Tesla charging stations, such as battery, electricity consumption and range, are examined. In general, the car used in the city also shows us whether it is suitable for being a taxi or not.

Our car is a Tesla Model There are no serious deformations on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. However, there are minor rubbing and stone marks. Considering that such negativities happen to every car, there is no serious problem.

Now let your competitors think: A first from HÜRJET!

Now let your competitors think: A first from HÜRJET!

HÜRJET has completed its afterburner tests. Well what does it mean? Why is it so important? Here are the details…

When it comes to the battery packs of the vehicle, this car, which has been charged at Tesla Supercharger points for 320 thousand kilometers, has a battery capacity of 90 percent in the video. In other words, Model X, which was used for 320 thousand kilometers, lost only 10 percent of its battery life.

When the brake systems of the vehicle, such as pads, are examined, it is seen that a set of pads lasts between 100 thousand and 150 thousand kilometers on a kilometer basis. Although this is not a convincing figure, especially in cities like Istanbul, the frequency of pad replacement is between 30 and 50 thousand kilometers, Teslas, or rather electric cars, make this possible thanks to the regenerative braking they have.

So, do you think Tesla Model X will become a taxi? And a taxi that will work in Istanbul? Don’t forget to express your opinions in the comments section! Follow ShiftDelete.Net YouTube channel for more!

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