How many PlayStation 5s have been sold in total to date?

Sony released its financial report for the quarter covering the April – June period and announced how much PlayStation 5 it sold in total. While the company’s PlayStation 5 sales increased, game sales fell greatly from year to year.

Launched on November 12, 2020 and featuring next-generation hardware PlayStation 5hit a major hurdle with the coronavirus. The production facilities closed after the restrictions and the supply shortage triggered by the chip crisis prevented PlayStation 5 sales from going at the desired level. While the effects of the chip crisis were relatively relieved, an important statement came from Sony today.

Sony in the second quarter of 2022, i.e. from April to June, in total how many PlayStation 5s you sold explained. According to the statement shared about the first quarter of the company’s new fiscal year, Sony has made a total of 2.4 million PlayStation 5 sales performed. This number was 2 million last quarter.

Game sales have dropped drastically compared to 1 year ago:

The total number of PlayStation 5s sold by Sony, with the latest data to a total of 21.7 million rose. The company’s game sales, on the other hand, experienced a great decline from year to year. While Sony achieved a total of 47.1 million sales in the last 3 months, this number was 17 million less compared to the same period of the previous year. 79% of game sales were digital.

Sony, which has experienced a decline in the PlayStation Plus subscription service, has already begun to see the fruits of its service renewal last June. According to the shared data, Sony, To 47.3 million PlayStation Plus users reached. The full impact of the new service is expected in the next quarter. It is also eagerly awaited how the service will affect game sales.


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