How Low is the Predictive Power of Astrology According to Science?

Although its accuracy is controversial, astrology manages to gain the attention of many people. So, can our zodiac signs really predict our future or personality traits? We have a scientific answer to this question.

An interesting study by Clearer Thinking is designed to answer exactly this question. In the research, it was found that zodiac signs have no effect on the situations experienced by individuals. Does it have predictive power? being questioned.

Researchers say that it has been claimed in many places that there are very important and fundamental differences between the personalities of people born at different times of the year. should show differences states. Based on this, with modern scientific methods to research the subject and with statistical analysis They start testing the results.

The research is carried out by focusing on the zodiac signs of 308 people.

Participants whose zodiac signs were determined, general living conditions, economic situation, social life and so on 37 different questions are asked about the situations. These questions are called life outcomes.

Things that will happen in the lives of the participants’ zodiac signs whether you can foresee The results of this research, which uses statistical tests to test the results, are quite interesting.

According to the results, the predictive power of astrology is zero!

The analysis carried out for 37 different life outcomes on 12 different zodiac signs shows that the zodiac signs are based on 37 life outcomes. none of them It shows that he is not capable of influencing.

To be more scientifically speaking, correlation coefficientsthe 37 life outcomes in question zero for all It is stated.

In other words, horoscopes do not affect any variable in the participants’ lives. no ability to predict conclusion is reached.

To confirm this result, they also compared the zodiac signs with the big five personality traits.


Whether it is possible to predict 37 variables related to people’s lives, which researchers call life outcomes. to verify They are making a comparison.

The aim here is to make this clear; These 37 life outcomes are inherently Is it unpredictable? Or is our analysis correct and horoscopes have no power to predict the life outcomes in question?

For this reason, validated big five personality traits They try to predict life outcomes using the big five personality traits test.

The results reveal the life outcomes of the big five personality traits. can you guess is showing. So the problem is not that life outcomes are unpredictable.

This means that the predictive power of horoscopes is zero. to provide in the nature of!

He conducted a similar research on OkCupid, a type of dating application. The result is the same!


OkCupid uses the data it collects from your users to determine your zodiac signs. compatibility between couples He researched whether he would show it or not.

In the research where every zodiac sign pair was tested Zodiac signs have no determining factor in compatibility. conclusion has been reached.

In summary, both studies on zodiac signs suggest that zodiac signs have a bearing on human life. You don’t have the ability to predict proves.

So what do you think about zodiac signs?

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