GTA 6 Trailer Exceeds 100 Million Views

The first trailer of GTA 6, which broke the Guinness Record, passed the 100 million views threshold. The GTA V trailer has not come close to this point even though 12 years have passed since its release.

On the morning of November 5th GTA 6 trailer We woke up with a surprise. The first trailer of the sequel, which continues to be played like crazy despite the fact that a new GTA game has not been released for 10 years, became the most watched game trailer within 24 hours and exceeded 100 million views within 48 hours. This number of views surpassed the number of views of the GTA 5 trailer by a wide margin.

Why was the trailer of GTA 6 watched so much?

In fact, there is no competition between GTA 5 and GTA 6, they feed each other. Many people turn to playing GTA 5 to remember the series and suppress their excitement. Number of players in GTA 5 right now reached 190 million in case. In other words, the number of people waiting for the new GTA game is quite high. For this reason, the trailer attracted great attention when it was released.

Since then, the world population has increased by 660 million. While 42.8% of homes had computers at that time, today this rate has reached almost 48%. Moreover, the sales figures of consoles are also increasing. So more people have access to games. It is worth remembering that Epic Games also distributed GTA 5 for free for a while. Of course, we should not forget that the number of social media users has increased significantly.

As a result of the increase in both population and access to games, the GTA 6 trailer attracted serious attention in a very short time. This interest will continue until a new trailer for GTA 6 arrives. The trailer has 110 million views at the time of writing this news.

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