Google Podcasts is shutting down globally!

Google continues to review its services. It was canceled for users in the USA in recent months. Google Podcasts; will be shut down globally very soon. All services offered in the Podcasts application, to YouTube Music will be included. Thus, the end of Podcasts will come.

Google has made several updates to the support article for the Podcasts app. Accordingly, he said that the application will no longer be available for “users outside the United States” starting in June. It was stated that users will have the option to export their data in the application.

Google will give users until July 29 to export their podcast subscriptions and listening history. After this period, it will not be possible to access any podcasts.

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This decision of Google was announced in the Podcasts application in April. Android, iOS and web support came after it ended. The technology giant started inviting users to YouTube Music instead of this application. However, YouTube Music lacks some important features such as notifications for new episodes and a “played” sign.

Some users think the Google Podcasts deprecation happened too soon. of YouTube Music a dedicated podcast app They state that it does not exist and that it does not include many features. Google has promised that YouTube Music will be improved during this process, but no major updates have been made so far.

It is not yet clear whether the closure will occur region by region or simultaneously all over the world. However, it is possible to say that Podcasts will be completely canceled as of June.

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