Google Pixel Watch 2 features have become clear

Google will present its smartphone, smart phone and wireless headset models to users at the Pixel launch event to be held tomorrow. One day before the launch, analyst Kamila Wojciechowska published an image containing Pixel Watch 2 features and design. Here are the details…

Exercise detection is coming: Google Pixel Watch 2 features become clear

In order to reach more users in the smart watch market, Google will include standard features found in its competitors in the Pixel Watch 2 model. The company will have automatic exercise tracking, which was not available in its predecessor.

Kamila Wojciechowska shared the Pixel Watch 2 launch pages under Google’s Twitter post. One of the pages reveals that the Pixel Watch 2 will have automatic workout tracking, while showing a UI to start a workout or dismiss the notification on the watch. The description in the shared image states that Pixel Watch 2 can automatically start, pause and stop activities while the watch shows information such as heart rate zones and tempo.

An era has ended for Apple: Support for the popular Watch is over!

An era has ended for Apple: Support for the popular Watch is over!

Apple will end support for the first generation Watch model, with which it stepped into the smartwatch world in 2015. Here are the details.

Other information on the product pages showcases advanced sensors, emergency features, and “24-hour battery with always-on display” technology. This is a pretty good improvement over its predecessor, where battery life was a big complaint.

Although it is not clear yet, it is stated that Google will switch to Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 in its new smart watch. However, an update to the Pixel Buds app revealed that Google is preparing a major update for the headphones. Revealed by 9to5Google, Pixel Buds Pro will be introduced with new features such as low-latency audio and “Bluetooth super broadband” that will double the bandwidth for clearer sound during calls.

The hearing health feature will be able to tell users if their music is too loud or exceeds the “recommended exposure limit” and encourage users to lower the volume. Thanks to Speech Detection technology, Pixel Buds Pro will automatically detect when you are talking, pause your music and turn on transparency mode.

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