Google Accelerates Its Entry into Crypto Industry

Google, one of the world’s largest companies, announced that it has hired former PayPal executive Arnold Goldberg to head its payments division.

In an interview with Bloomberg on the subject, Google’s Head of Commerce Bill Ready said,

Google has previously avoided offering cryptocurrencies as part of its financial services. However, hiring Goldberg is a strategic move for the company to include cryptocurrencies in its financial services portfolio.

gave his words.

Also, Bill Ready said, “Crypto has always been was in our follow up. buyer and seller as demand increases We will adapt together with him,” he said.

Towards the end of 2021, crypto platform Bakkt said that Visa debit cards could be used online or in Google Pay in stores. Google Pay, which is estimated to lag behind its competitors recently, does not charge any fees for transactions. Bill Ready said that they do not intend to change this situation.

Known to work with Bitpay and Gemini, Google is carrying out these studies to support payment with cryptocurrencies in Google Pay, according to experts.

Arnold Goldberg’s previously on Paypal basic payment and vendor services reported to be managing the division.

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