Good news for this Altcoin from the United Nations: Announced Cooperation, Price Rises!

United Nations Development Programme, Algorand Together with his foundation, he is preparing to open a blockchain academy in the first quarter of 2024. The aim of the academy is to provide UNDP staff with “knowledge and insight into the applications of blockchain technology.”

Course Materials Will Be Made Available to Staff of Other UN Agencies

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) recently announced that it will launch the Algorand Blockchain Academy in 2024. The academy aims to provide “knowledge and insight into the applications of blockchain technology” to UNDP’s more than 22,000 employees.

Robert Pasicko, the agency’s alternative finance and low-carbon development expert, said the academy will offer a curriculum consisting of “recorded lectures, interactive workshops and hands-on assignments.” As we reported, the course will also be open to staff of other UN agencies.

Addressing the academy’s potential role in helping UNDP staff keep up with modern technologies, Pasicko said:

“The Algorand Blockchain Academy will be instrumental in equipping our team with the tools needed to address complex global challenges using blockchain technology.”

Using Blockchain to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Doro Unger-Lee, Head of Education and Inclusion at the Algorand Foundation, stated that his organization sees the education initiative as an important first step towards identifying and delivering “actionable” blockchain solutions. Lee said these solutions contribute to the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) “sustainable development goals across a range of areas.” [SDGs] He added that it could potentially help “achieve

According to the press release, the first phase, or beta iteration, of the academy will begin in the first quarter of next year. The academy’s focus areas include the use of blockchain in narrowing the financial exclusion gap, supply chain transparency, real-world asset tokenization and universal digital identity solutions.

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