Good News for Binance and 13 Altcoins from Those 7 Exchanges: Prices Increased

The altcoin market is buzzing with activity this week as major exchanges announce new listings, trading pairs, and margin options.

Upbit raises prices with altcoin listing

Upbit, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, got the week off to a great start by announcing the listing of two new altcoins: Big Time (BIGTIME) and Akash Network (AKT). This news sent shockwaves through the market; Following the announcement, BIGTIME gained 26% in value, while AKT experienced a staggering 62% increase in value. Listings are scheduled for later today, with BIGTIME trading for Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) pairs on the Ethereum network, and AKT trading for Korean Won (KRW), BTC and USDT pairs on the Akash network.

Binance increases trading options

Global cryptocurrency giant Binance is also making noise by introducing several new trading pairs and enabling Trading Bots services for a wider range of currencies. Starting tomorrow, users will be able to access ICP/USDC, OMNI/USDC, ONT/USDC, PEPE/BRL and YGG/TRY trading pairs on the Binance Spot platform. Additionally, Binance is enabling Spot Grid, Spot DCA, Rebalancing Bot, and Spot Algo Order services for these new pairs, providing users with more advanced trading tools and strategies.

Further expanding its offerings, Binance Margin has added the Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE), FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR) and Manchester City Fan Token (CITY) to the list of loanable and collateral assets on Cross Margin. This move addresses the growing popularity of fan tokens, allowing users to leverage their assets for additional trading opportunities. Additionally, Binance Margin introduced new trading pairs available on both Cross and Isolated Margin for existing assets, including NEO/USDC, SAGA/BTC, SAGA/FDUSD, and WIF/USDC.

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What are the other listings?

Several new cryptocurrencies are debuting on various exchanges this week. MEXC Global stands out with a large number of listings, including BRC-20 DEX (BD20), Playbux (PBUX), Defispot (SPOT), Gaimin (GMRX) and KittenWifHat (KITTENWIF). These lists highlight that new projects are constantly emerging in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Additionally, Playbux (PBUX) has secured listings on Bybit, KuCoin, and Bitget.

Digifinex will list Evadore (EVA). On the other hand, Bitget will list UNICE (UNICE), in addition to listing BD20 and PBUX. BingX will add Meta Plus Token (MTS) to its trading list. These listings were announced on the websites and social media channels of the relevant exchanges. However, before you start trading any coin, be sure to read the rules and terms of the platform carefully.

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