Goldman Sachs Puts Bitcoin at Number One!

Cryptocurrency Despite dozens of negative events experienced by the industry in 2022, banking giant Goldman Sachs put Bitcoin at the number one among investmentable assets.

Goldman Sachs’ financial experts recently prepared a new report. Sorting investment instruments according to risk/return ratios, experts compared many assets such as bonds, housing, stocks, commodities and foreign exchange. As a result of the analysis bitcoin It ranked first in both return and risk return.

The earnings rate of the leading cryptocurrency in the period was 27%, while the risk / return ratio was recorded as 3.1. After BTC, the second and third place was taken by a fund with emerging market markets and communication companies.

Gold and housing, which many investors in Turkey do not give up, found their place in the top 10 with a 5% return rate. Although the 5% return may seem not bad at first, this figure is below the inflation rate even in the USA.

Goldman Sachs’ Changing Attitude Towards Crypto

The US investment bank has been heavily criticizing cryptocurrencies in recent years. However, the increasing adoption of digital assets around the world has led to a change in this attitude. While the bank added Bitcoin to its yield report in 2021, it started providing crypto services to its important customers last year.

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