Giant partnership for Bing from Microsoft: Google’s throne is in danger!

Making a name for itself with artificial intelligence projects OpenAIRecently ChatGPT published this artificial intelligence algorithm named Microsoft, one of the most important names in the technology world, is collaborating with OpenAI to disperse the general search engine frenzy.

ChatGPT will be integrated into Bing search engine

Microsoft is working hard to get ahead of Google. The company has agreed with OpenAI to remove Bing from the uniformity. ChatGPT, the chatbot that provides human-like text answers to questions, will work in harmony with Bing, according to the news in The Information.

According to the news, Microsoft will pay 1 billion dollars to the OpenAI company for this partnership. According to the information obtained, the new partnership will take the stage for the first time before the end of March. Microsoft believes that it will get ahead of Google, which has opened up quite a bit in this area.

First hearing date set in Microsoft case

First hearing date set in Microsoft case

Microsoft will appear in court in January 2023 for the Activision Blizzard acquisition lawsuit filed by the FTC.

OpenAI ChatGPT model introduced earlier this year to the GPT-3.5 system is based. This artificial intelligence, which is more chat-oriented compared to previous versions, surprises with the answers it gives. For example, it prepares a question following the user’s question and does not respond to inappropriate messages.

OpenAI has made the ChatGPT bot freely available. By opening an OpenAI account, you can test the bot and use it as an assistant. Many users on social media have started posting both funny and absurd chats with the bot.

ChatGPT Bing

However, it should not be overlooked that ChatGPT, like other language learning models, has a fundamental problem. It may produce false or dangerous information because it does not know what it is talking about. For example, he gave some users “positive” advice about bullying.

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