FTX’s Cryptocurrency Cards Will Be Used in 40 Countries

Bahama-based crypto money platform FTX announced today that they will make “debit cards” available in 40 countries, where you can use your cryptocurrencies for shopping.

Cryptocurrencies, which have gradually replaced traditional stock markets in recent years, are an excellent investment for some users, and for others. biggest scam project to date. But no matter what, almost everyone has cryptocurrencies. currency of the future agree that it will.

Of course, when this is the case, it doesn’t make much sense to use the “currency of the future” only for online shopping. Here is the crypto exchange platform FTX, which is fully aware of this problem. you can use the currency of the future even in your neighborhood grocery store introduced the system.

Market shopping era begins with crypto money

FTX officially announced that it will offer a card system that is very similar to the crypto money cards offered to its users by platforms such as Coinbase, especially in the USA. Within the scope of this project, which will be carried out in partnership with Visa, users of the FTX platform will be able to connect their crypto money accounts to this card and will be able to do their daily shopping using cryptocurrencies. The amount of shopping made, the country in which the card is used. as instant crypto equivalent of currency will be withdrawn from the account. So technically “crypto debit card“You will have.

While FTX handles the crypto money part of the project, it ensures that the card can work and be used in standard POS devices. Visa he will handle it. In recent years, many crypto money platforms, especially Coinbase, have established similar partnerships with Visa.

Will this system be used in our country?

FTX officials said in a statement that this project in 40 countries stated that it will be made available. It was announced that the cards will be made available first in Latin America, Europe and Asia. The USA and other countries have these cards. at the end of 2023 may have. However, FTX officials fully understood in their statement. did not explain which countries can use these cards.


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Coinbase, which uses a similar system, made its cards available first in the USA and then in some countries in Europe. As for FTX’s cards It is not yet known whether it will come to our country or not..

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